SUNBOWTEC  STZQ-I Pipe Cutting Machine

The STZQ-I pipe cutting machine is  intended for critical pipe cutting application requiring superior cut quality and accuracy over manual cutting whilst delivering faster and safer production in the factory or on site.

  • Easy set up
  • Very Little operator
  • Training required
  • Oxy or plasma option


Remote Control Box Standard with 4m Cable
Surface Finish                  <12.5um
Cutting Accuracy              <1mm
Bevel                                 +/-45 deg
Cutting Speed                    0-800mm/min
Pipe Size                           320mm-3000 Diameter
Shipping Weight                25kg


  • Ultra-high cutting precision
  • Ensuring the alignment of starting point and end point by using Orbit & Chain  Connections
  • Self compensating diameter and roundness automatically
  • Convenient Control Modes
  • Local Control or Remote Control Mode
  • Easy Installation Process
  • Using the patented chain connector machine installation  can be completed quickly without the traditional chain slipknot
  • Excellent Anti-Skid Performance
  • Utilizing the anti-skid chain ensures the torch runs without skidding and with a uniform speed by using a non-slip rubber belt.

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