• The traditional large-scale fixed plant NC Pipe Cutting machine generally consists of a cutting head, chuck and turning rolls.
  • However for pipe cutting outside the capacity of the workshop equipment or for on-site work you   will need a portable NC pipe cutting machine.
  • The ThinkPipe series of NC pipe cutters is your ideal solution for all your on-site and in-situ pipe cutting and profiling needs.

The ThinkPipe pipe cutting machine has been developed for critical pipe application that require crosscut or intersectional cutting.

Advantages of ThinkPipe

Portable light and compact (only 20-30kg shipping weight) Suitable for on-site or in-situ work or even workshop overloads

Easy to Learn

  • Built in program, no special operator requirement
  • Minimal basic instruction required to commence operation
  • Ease of operation means a large range of  the workforce can use ThinkPipe to ensure work continuity

Installation Time

  • Orbit track: 25-30 mins
  • Chain: 10-15mins
  • Main machine: 10-15 mins

For supply or hire